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Roman Shades

Custom-designed Roman Window Shades

Pleated, relaxed, sheer or blackout – choose the style of Roman shades that you like most.

Roman Shades

Affordable Roman Shades | Walnut Creek CA

These pleated coverings are the real cream of the crop when it comes to window treatments. Few others come close to matching this style for sheer beauty and style. Aside from windows, you can find Roman shades on French doors, patio entrances, and indoor openings in well-decorated homes and businesses around Walnut Creek and nearby areas. What sorts of designs can Roman shades foster? A great variety of styles, too many to name on one page. But with a free, in-person consultation, you can see our huge variety and choose the type of Roman shades you want for your office or home.

What Exactly Are Roman Shades?

The defining feature of Roman shades is the way they fold up into rippling pleats when you open them. The fabric sheet has a network of strings and supports inside of it that pulls upward along multiple parallel lines. When these supports are raised, they pull the fabric upward at each line while letting it hang down in between them. When you open them all the way, Roman shades form a stack of folded ribbon-like decorations along the top of the windowpane. Tall panes with vertical space to spare work best for housing this type of window treatment.

Custom Roman Shades Designed For Your Walnut Creek Windows

Even basic grey Roman shades with a rectangular panel shape are attractive enough. You can take things much further than that, though! We tailor each set of window treatments for the customer, and our team is nothing if not flexible. For a more interesting shape and outline, you can order a set of our relaxed Roman shades, that hang down in the middle with a gentle curve. Worried about child safety, or wanting extra convenience? We provide affordable motorized shades and smart control systems. Read on to learn about a few of the options our consultants will run by you during your free design appointment!

Choices In Colors And Materials

Quaint black or white Roman shades for bathrooms with large enough windows are an easy choice. In a bedroom, you’ll want a soothing, relaxing shade and some soft-textured material like cotton or satin. When choosing new Roman shades for kitchens, living rooms, or foyers, it really depends on the rest of the decoration scheme. Our Walnut Creek Roman-style coverings come in all different colors, patterns, and designs. Depending on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and structural needs, you can pick from among nylon, cotton, wool, and exotic materials like silk or fine bamboo.

Roman Shades With Valances or Curtains

What’s good about such elegant window coverings, is you can add more décor on top. They might look intricate, but Roman shades are actually a fine foundation for other ornaments and features to build on. Roman shades and curtains are a famous combination, and you can find examples of them paired together going back for centuries. Walnut Creek Blinds & Shades can also spruce up your custom set of Roman shades with slits, embroidery, and tails or other hanging decorations. Ask about more embellishment options during your free consultation.

Electric Roman Window Treatments

Since their lift system is similar to most other types of blinds and shades, Roman-style coverings are also easy to motorize. Remote controls and wall consoles are a convenient and child-safe alternative to drawcords, and cause less wear on the shades than clumsy human hands. Motorized Roman shades give you a way to change the décor of any room with the push of a button. Connect them to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and use it as a remote from anywhere. You can also choose to add sunlight sensors or timer systems, so you won’t even have to remember to open or close your motorized Roman shades yourself!

Schedule a Free Estimate

The wide variety of choices that Roman shades offer makes for a fun time deciding what styles and designs to choose. If you live anywhere around the Walnut Creek area, give us a call to book a no-obligation consultation appointment (free). See the different types of Roman shades you can have us make for your business or home. Customize them however you like and then get a quote on a custom window shading product made-to-measure for your specific budget and needs.


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